Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Model to be Caned for Drinking Beer

This has become international news on BBC, CNN and others.

The Syariah High Court here sentenced a model to a RM5,000 fine and six whippings after she pleaded guilty to consuming an alcoholic drink in public last year. Kartika was accused of consuming a beer at Cherating Bay Lounge, the Legend Hotel in Cherating at about 11.40pm on July 11 last year.

Kartika, a Malaysian married to a Singaporean, will be the first Malaysian woman to be caned under Syariah laws applicable to Muslims.

She will be fully clothed and kneeling, and struck on the backside with a small thin cane using moderate force.

Kartika will now be caned after the fasting month.

I hope they will waive the whipping. Even Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib said that model Kartika Sari Dewi Shukarno can still appeal against the Pahang Syariah Court decision to cane her for consuming alcohol. What are your thoughts on this punishment? Are you for or against it?


  1. I believe this done for publicity purposes. Haih....she doesn't look remorse in any way to me.

  2. Anonymous10:00 PM

    Maybe this is done to exert international pressure on the handling of the issue?

  3. Tekkaus, I feel for her and she is putting up a very brave front. Six strokes is no joke. Even Tun Mahathir said on his blog that the punishment might be too harsh.

  4. Mei Teng, I think international attention must be having a bearing on the postponement of the punishment. Najib has spoken up that she could appeal and now Mahathir had something to say. I sure hope they waive the caning.

  5. She never denies this and her acceptance of this punishment merely to show to other muslim (especially woman) not to consume alcohol which prohibited by Islamic law.

  6. If the law belongs to God, why not leave the punishment, or lack thereof, in this world or the next, to God as well?

  7. Women should be subjected to jail, but not caning.

    It just sound so barbaric.

  8. Aiyo! All these squabbles over whether to cane or not. There's many more important and pressing issues to address!

    But Kartika put up such a brave front. I guess she rather had it done and finished with instead of getting tormented for too long.

    Maybe she's smart. In this way, she get public's sympathy and get famous at the same time! : )

  9. Hi Rhim, true that she admitted to the offence and accepts the punishment. Still I hope they will waive it. Thanks for stopping by.

    Bonnie, I too believe that when it comes to religion, it's only between the person and his/her God and has nothing to do with anyone else.

  10. Shingo, it's also inhumane.

    Foong, all this publcity is good for the people. It lets the powers that be know that the world is watching what they do.