Thursday, August 27, 2009

Help with Disability Insurance Claims

Most people in Malaysia do not have medical insurance. When they fall sick, they can always get treatment in government clinics or hospitals found all over the country.

The financial problem arises when they are too ill to go back to work and over an extended period of time, their income will be affected. If one is a member of Social Security, he will be able to file in a claim. Unfortunately, such financial claims are normally a long-winded affair.

In the US, Allsup is one Social Security Disability Representation company that helps disabled people with their disability insurance claim and help get their award faster. I wonder if there is such a helpful service here in the country.


  1. Anonymous3:31 PM

    Having medical insurance is very important. Most people who don't already have one should get one.

  2. insurance companies always make you to pay them premium fast, but always take their own sweet time to file and reimburse any claims.. haiz~~

  3. Mei Teng, true though some people have the feeling that there is always the general hospital if they need medical help. Malaysians are lucky in this respect.

  4. SK, perhaps they need to do some checking on their own.