Thursday, August 27, 2009

Are You Moving House?

I don't know about you but when I see new neighbours moving into the neighbourhood, it gives me a good feeling. But when someone moves out, the feeling is one of sadness.

The other day a huge truck was parked in front of a house that has been empty for quite a while. I noticed it was a movers truck and workers were moving in boxes of stuff.

These days, moving house is less of a hassle for home-owners. At least they can outsource the hardwork part of literally moving furniture and stuff. Even interstate moving service is just a call away. One of those long distance movers would be readily available for a real professional moving job.


  1. Maybe not now. Ha :D

  2. Moving can be very stressful. Professional movers can be good, but only if you can afford it or your employer pays for it.

    When I moved from Hawaii to Japan I only took clothing, books, and personal items like family photos. Most I sent via mail service pouches - still expensive.

    Never again, I hope.

  3. Feeling of emptiness when saw someone moved out. Not a good feeling. :)
    I am going nowhere now.

  4. hmmmm, i agree with you, i somehow feel good when i see new people moving in.. but won't have much feeling is people move out of neighbourhood.. :)

  5. Tekkaus, Malacca is a nice place to live - not too crowded nor too quiet but I think it can get quite packed during holidays with tourists around, eh?

    PandaB, moving is stressful indeed. You are right that professional movers can be costly but if one can afford it, it takes a big load off.

  6. Superman, going nowhere may be a blessing,

    SK, good for you - no feeling of sadness in this case.

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