Monday, August 10, 2009

Victoria Beckham In American Idol?

How would you like Victoria Beckham replacing Paula Abdul in American Idol? What??!! Why not, eh?

No, Victoria was only stepping in to fill the vacant space left by Paula's departure for last weekend's first auditions in Denver.

They are still looking for a permanent judge as reports have it that Paula Abdul will not be coming back but instead be joining a rival show, So You Think You Can Dance.

She has not been approached to be a permanent judge but there is a high possibility of her having a recurring role as either a guest judge or a choreographer.

Kara DioGuardi wore a black dress and said she was "in mourning" for her colleague.

"She was really the heart of the show, incredibly nurturing to the contestants," she said of Paula Abdul.

From Simon, "She was like my best buddy on the show," "And you only realise how much you miss somebody when you're not there. I am sad."



  1. Anonymous4:45 PM

    AI can do without both of them. I think it's a joke to have Posh on the show. It's more like to add some glamour to the show.

  2. At least she can bring a new kind of glamour to the show and her British accent. LOL! She might know a thing or two about music being Posh Spice of the once highly-popular Spice Girls.

    I'm neutral.. For all I care, American Idol can bring on Sarah Jessica Parker or even Mr Bean. LOL!

    Like I've mentioned before, I only enjoy AI for the prelims and the final ten onwards.

  3. OMG!!! why?? why Victoria Beckham as the guest judge?? why why why???!!!

  4. I read about it too. But I wonder if she is fit? Perhaps they just wanna draw more audience? I'm sure Beckham will be making a lot of cameo aye? :p

  5. She is quite glamour.

  6. As for me,i am all for Paula Abdul,did you something,she was once the choreographer for Janet Jackson, and i like string of PA's songs,"straight up" "opposite attract" to name a few.

    hey, thank you for your wishes,appreciate it truly

  7. I somehow think Paula Abdul is better as a judge in the "So You Think You Can Dance" as I think she's a better dancer than a singer! I hope she would end up as a permanent judge in that show!

    As for Posh taking over from Paula in AI, it'll be interesting to see how good(or entertaining) she can be. To me, she's not much of a good singer too (of course I'm comparing her to my idol Mariah Carey haha!) but well, I'll reserve my judgment until I see how well she does her job as a judge!

    I will however miss the camaraderie and chemistry between Paula and Simon though : )

  8. Foong, you may be right that Paula Abdul would do better as a dance competition judge. As for singing skill, a judge does not need to excel in the activity. He/she just need to know the game and its rules. No?

    Eugene, yes, Paula used to choreograph for Janet Jackson as well as Michael Jackson.

    Hope your son is doing fine now.

  9. Tekkaus, I suppose after eight long years, American Idol needs to maintain or increase its viewership. Beckham making cameo appearances? Talk about long shots. LOL! Will AI part with that kind of money, I wonder.

    SK, your comment, OMG!!! why?? why Victoria Beckham as the guest judge?? why why why???!!! really cracked me up! Such enthusiasm! LOLOLOLOLOLOLouddddd....

  10. Paula Abdul joining "So you can dance?" Wow, I love that show. And on Paula too!


  11. I haven't watched this show. Is it good?

    I can see you are a Paula Abdul fan.