Saturday, August 22, 2009

1Malaysia Touch n Go Card

In line with moving towards a “cashless society” in Malaysia, more people are using the electronic payment system. Even banks are migrating from the regular card for account-holder to debit cards.

If you are a card collector, you would want to get your hands on this Touch 'n Go card which features the theme of 1Malaysia. The one in the picture is a mock-up, of course.

Like all Touch 'n Go cards, this RM10 card can be used to pay for public transportation, parking charges and at certain fast-food outlets. Strange that there are 5.9 million Touch ’n Go cardholders in the country but only 3.2 million use the card to pay toll charges. The rest must be in collectors card-albums, I suppose.

If you intend to get one of these 1Malaysia cards, hurry because only a total of 150,000 cards have been issued. They can be bought at Touch ’n Go sales offices along the highways at RM10 each. The card has a value of RM10, its cost of RM10 has been waived.


  1. Anonymous6:22 PM

    I am using Touch n Go card. I am not a card collector though :)

  2. I used to have Touch n Go back in Uni because I travel a lot. But now no more because there is no such need here in Malacca. :D

  3. I went a Touch-n-go office in Sungai Rasa this morning asking to purchase the 1-Malaysia Touh-n-go card, but the gentleman working there said there's no such a card and don't know when it's available. I am very disappointed at the attitude and reply...:-(

  4. Mei Teng, me neither but I have seen some wonderful collections of cards, phone-cards especially. Singapore issues very nice phone-cards.

    Tekkaus, big savings, eh? No hassle too.

    Yeow, thanks for the update. Better planning needs to be in place, apparently. Sorry to hear of your unpleasant experience with the personnel there - definitely not service with a smile, eh?

    Hey, thanks for stopping by. Hope to see more of you here?