Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Paula Abdul not on American Idol Season 9

Auditions are underway for the new Season (9) of American Idol but we will not be seeing Paula Abdul this time around. Paula has decided to leave American Idol after being with it for the past eight years from the very beginning. I heard her request for a higher paycheck was not met.

Do you think not having Paula Abdul on the American idol will make any difference? Perhaps three judges - Randy Jackson, Kara DioGuardi and Simon Cowell - are good enough? Whatever... the show is going on, though viewership has been on the decline from one year to the next.

And I am still hooked on Adam Lambert's version of Mad World. Give it a listen. You may be haunted by it too.


  1. Anonymous4:41 PM

    Nothing personal against her. But I just don't get her comments everytime she opens her mouth. I think her departure from the show would not be a major blow to the show.

  2. Anonymous4:41 PM

    She left or her contract wasn't renewed?

  3. I don't think her presence make any difference at all. No disrespect...she's a great entertainer herself...but just not a good judge. At least not good enough for AI! :D

  4. I like to see Paula Abdul - in fact nothing enters my ears when I look at her.
    *heart beat*

    No matter how popular a show is, it shouldn't last for infinite seasons. Just kill it before it lose its "It" factor.

  5. i don't get her -- since the first season. her comments were so... ambiguous to a point i doubt even someone with a BA in English can understand her.

    as u can see, i'm not a big fan of paula abdul being a judge. *smile*.

  6. Maybe she has been receiving death threats for giving vague comments on the contestants. But if that's the case, then Simon Cowell should have been killed long ago for all his anal and outright nasty comments :p

    Strange why some people would stop doing something which pays them so handsomely. Perhaps she has found some spiritual enlightenment and realised that making money is not as important as some other issues in life.

  7. she is leaving the American ideal after eight season but it is predicated that she would be come back in ninth session.

  8. was she on drugs or drunk...

    well, that was kinda embarrassing.. for someone who wants a raise.

  9. Mei Teng, I tend to think she's the kind one in the show. She left - but who knows, she may come back.

    Tekkaus, at least her vote counts.

    Shingo, LOL! on the *heart beat*.

    My thinking is, recording artistes are constantly being discovered so this type of shows will not run out on its purpose. There will be a few new artistes every year. Not a bad thing.

  10. Chiaoju, I hear you..

    Mockingbird, you sure have a creative mind. LOL!

    When one already have millions, what's another million or two. Eh?

    Good to have you visit again, MB. How are you doing? Hope all's well.

  11. Hi Bus, perhaps. Let's see whether Ryan Seacrest is able to talk her into staying back.

    Thanks for stopping by.

    Robin, embarrassing? I think not when you discover that your salary is waaayyyyy below your peers'. Or maybe she's just tired of doing the same old same old..