Sunday, August 23, 2009

H1N1 - Better be Safe than Sorry

Best to wear a mask in crowded places like these..

Good to read Many still complacent about anti-H1N1 measures

Perhaps it's too early to tell but the good news today is that No H1N1 deaths reported for second day in a row.

The number of deaths due to the flu remains at 68 while 1,476 cases are being treated at 102 hospitals nationwide including three private hospitals.

In the World Health Organisation (WHO) report, the H1N1 pandemic is still active in 182 countries. The WHO had reported 1,227 new cases and 34 deaths, raising the overall total of H1N1 cases to 234,569 and the number of deaths to 2,433.


  1. Yes. It's better safe than sorry right? But then again...the awareness amongst us is too damn low. People just don't care....UNTIL they got it. They are not only putting themselves in danger but also their family! What a shame! =/

  2. Anonymous12:22 PM

    Agree..better be safe than sorry. I see quite a number of people wearing masks in MidValley mall.

  3. I wanted to wear mask in the plane but I have to eat. So what's the point of wearing the mask?

    I think people who have the flu should be the ones who must really be wearing the mask to stop infecting others!

    I also heard all the masks sold at pharmacies are useless against the virus as the virus can go through them! Wonder how true is this?

    And looking at the way people wear the masks I already know it's all wrong! Some touch their masks all the time, others put them on and then off and on again.

  4. Tekkaus, does it mean you use the mask in public all the time? Even at work?

    Mei Teng, at KLCC I'd say less than 10% wearing a mask - all locals. Have yet to see a foreign tourist wearing one. The Middle-eastern ladies are naturally masked.

    Foong, I saw someone at Maxis KLCC coughing (badly) while his mask was under his chin!! He then put the mask back to cover his mouth after coughing. Alamak!

    I agree that people who have a flu and cough should be the ones wearing a mask.

    Triple-layered masks have been recommended by the Health Ministry.

  5. A handful of corporations are going to make billions selling vaccines for a not very dangerous flu strain.

    In the United States alone, more than 100,000 people are hospitalized and more than 20,000 people die from the (more common strains of) flu and its complications every year. And we're supposed to panic over H1N1?

  6. PandaB, but I think this strain is more severe. No? Plus, people are more wary as this is a new strain. I pretty much stay in unless I have no choice. Alright, Vit C, Vit C, Vit C.

  7. Actually, scientists who have investigated the strain say that it does not have the "killer components" that make flu strains dangerous. I could become so, however. The other issue is that flu vaccines are not a very cost effective means of dealing with the problem.

    Vitamin C - yes, definitely. Also frequent and very thorough washing of hands with soap and water, especially before eating.