Friday, August 28, 2009

Orlando Vacations

Coming across these packages for orlando vacations sure reminded me of a visiting colleague from the US. He managed to talk a few of us into planning a trip to Disneyworld and we were supposed to hire a vehicle so that we could see more places and do more driving from the west to the east. Yeah, big dreams, but it all came to a halt when he passed away due to heart failure. That was many years ago. We still talk of him with fond memories.


  1. thanks for this info.. well i will go with my friends..

  2. Too bad your dreams didn't materialize huh! :(

  3. That's shocking! Life is short isn't it? Having said that, I do hope to visit Florida state someday. I counted, they have roughly 9 theme parks (I sound like a kid). If Harry Porter's theme park is completed there will be 10.

  4. Berkshire, have a great vacation. Thanks for stopping by.

    Tekkaus, it would have been an awesome vacation with someone who knows the country. Too bad..

    Ai Shiang, shocking it was when we heard the news. You sure are one brave and fun-loving lass.. Hope you get to visit soon or the minute the Harry Potter themepark is ready.