Sunday, August 16, 2009

The World in Pictures

Nice graffiti - artistic artwork indeed. Life is like that. We live among beauty and ugliness side-by-side sometimes.

The children in the picture look like they are in play but in reality, they are not. The caption reads Somali children run across a front-line between Islamist militants and soldiers in the capital, Mogadishu, where clashes have flared. The country has lacked a functioning central government since 1991.

Such is the state of affairs in Somalia which if you recall is the source of all that high-profile piracy off the coast of Africa.

The image above is one of BBC's selected pictures of the week. A few more have been compiled below. You can visit site for more.


  1. That is what's happening around the world as we lucky folks are complaining about aircon not working.

    Poor Somalian children. =(

  2. Anonymous10:42 AM

    "We live among beauty and ugliness side-by-side sometimes".

    So true. Nice graffiti.

  3. The world is ending soon. Don't you think? :

  4. most of the time, a photo really speaks louder than a thousand words..

  5. i like the graffiti.. really nice and meaningful.. =)

  6. Ken, neat, eh?

    SK, agree. Pictures do tell a thousand words..

    Mockingbird, it is, gradually, but I don't think it will happen in our lifetime. We will no doubt see the deterioration of conditions.

  7. Mei Teng, sad but true. We can only hope to see more beauty than the other. The onus is on us all to create more beauty, of course.

    Shingo, a smack on the head, that one. We have to count our blessings and we certainly do have a lot, indeed.

  8. These pictures are very memorable. It shows what is happening around us.The first one is very candid! ;)

  9. Memorable, yeah, but too bad not all of them capture happy moments. Maybe the media need to feature more positive events, eh?