Monday, August 17, 2009

Armchair Shopping for Men

For guys who find going out shopping a chore, shopping online would be your answer to this mundane activity. Whether you are shopping for yourself or searching for that perfect gift for someone else, here is just the store for you.

GSelect men's boutique features a distinctive array of quality merchandise. You can find products ranging from the essential face, teeth and hair treatment products such as their GESSATO face TREATMENT's cell regeneration serum to shopping bags to home furnishings and decorations to artsy lighting fixtures and fancy storage units.

Check out their finest blankets, cushions and pillows money can buy. These richly-colored items by Thomas Eyck create a true explosion of colors in the interior. These luxurious blankets, cushions and pillows are made of 84% merino wool and 16% cotton.

There are also products for your pet dog, as well as books on various topics including architecture, design, food and wine and books on eco-solutions.

GSelect truly has a collection of high-end merchandise created for today's discriminating man. And at GSelect, you will find that they are passionate about providing you with a memorable online shopping experience.


  1. Too bad...because I love shopping especially with my wife. LOL :D

  2. Good for you! Everyone needs some retail therapy whether shopping online or otherwise.

    Malaysians are lucky in a way because shops are easily accesible. However, there is an increasing trend of Malaysians shopping online.

  3. wah so many thing to buy.. but nothing needed.

    but i am still not used to shopping online..

    just as yet.

  4. No fun to shop online.. the hands cannot feel the articles.. the heart too cannot feel the excitement!

  5. Robin, we are lucky here as shopping is so convenient. Online-shopping would come in handy if we are hundreds of miles away from a store. Count our blessings?

    Joe, LOL! Indeed, there is nothing like being able to touch and feel the product (of desire). hehe.. Sometimes it is difficult to gauge the size too, eh?