Sunday, August 23, 2009

Andy Lau, the Son-in law?

It is customary in the Chinese community, to avoid a funeral unless the deceased is a family member or a close friend. This is so that the bad vibe (of death) will not rub off on the attendee or his family. Yes, there are a lot of customs and beliefs in the Chinese community.

Yesterday, in Bukit Jalil, caution must have been thrown to the wind (for curious persons) as fans of Hong Kong superstar was hoping to get a glimpse of their idol, Andy Lau Tak-Wah.

It was the funeral of a late Mr Chu whose daughter, Carol Chu, whom Andy Lau has been having a relationship for the past 24 years. A wedding was scheduled for April but was called off due to (get this) news of the nuptials being leaked out.

Andy Lau has always kept mum on the status of his relationship with Carol Chu (a former beauty queen) and has never publicly acknowledged his relationship with her. However, their 24-year relationship is an open secret in the entertainment circle.

It has been reported that they registered their marriage in Canada in 1992 and have a daughter. A former minister had once disclosed that they had registered their marriage in Malaysia. There is talk that Andy has bought a piece of property in Malaysia in Carol’s name.

Check out the picture of the funeral procession below. Notice bodyguards with large silver umbrellas shielding a person from photographers. According to Chinese custom, the son-in-law of the deceased must walk in front of the hearse, but it could not be confirmed if the shielded person was Chu's long-time partner, Hongkong superstar Andy Lau.

Although no one has been able to confirm if the person being shielded was Andy Lau, it is believed that the Hong Kong superstar has been at Carol’s family house in Bukit Jalil for days.

Family members and those who attended the funeral were told not to carry their mobile phones to protect his privacy.

A neighbour of the family claimed that she saw a female teenager at the procession, giving rise to speculation that she could be their daughter.

No pictures please: Video taping the funeral procession is a no-no and this bodyguard is intent on carrying out his duties.

Ahh... the price of fame..

Me? I just want to be little ole be able to go anywhere I please and be just who I am. Bliss..

Source: The Star..‘Son-in-Lau’ goes under cover at Chu’s funeral

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  1. Anonymous4:27 PM

    My sympathy to Carol who have to hide behind superstar Andy for more than 2 decades....I guess thats where the east & west differs...a marriage in Hollywood never require such dramatic mystery. (sighhhh) wat a pity Carol.

  2. I thing Andy Lau is plain selfish. Nothing more i can say. :(

  3. Anonymous9:46 PM

    First of all, you people or anyone else for that matter, have any proof that person being shielded is/was Andy?! Even if it might've been him, he probably doesn't want to take the attention from the late Mr Chu. This sombre day is not about him (Andy), it's about the deceased.
    I know for a fact he did NOT register for marriage in Canada in 1992.

  4. Yeah, I don't like being a celebrity and under watchful eyes all the time! I like my privacy. That's why no photos on me on my blog!!

    I don't like to go out and someone recognizes me and whisper to his or her friend, "Look! That's the blogger who wrote so and so..."

  5. Anonymous3:40 PM

    highly wealth people but lowest mindset. NO BIG DEAL Andy!!! Nothing to be hide.

  6. Anonymous, so true. I feel for her too.

    Tekkaus, nevermind lah. Andy Lau must have his reasons. Everyone does things for a reason though third parties may not understand or agree with the rationale. Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

  7. Anonymous, it is really anyone's guess whether that shielded person was Andy Lau or not. Sounds like you have insider information? Thanks for speaking up.

    You are right. That sombre moment was meant for the late Mr Chu. May he rest in peace.

    Theeggyolks, (cute name), did you mean the death or the mystery? Or both?! Thanks for stopping by.

  8. Yeah lah, Foong, you are so famous now, bloggers will recognise you wherever you go.

    Anonymous, thank you for stopping by.