Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Andy Lau and Carol Chu have left Kuala Lumpur..

The Andy Lau saga is winding down. Image below shows Andy Lau (inset) clutching the hand of long-time girlfriend, Carol Chu. at the departure lounge yesterday, Tue, Aug 25. They were heading home to Hong Kong.

Andy was also snapped at the grave of Carol's late father. From news and reports, Andy was not at the funeral. All that umbrella-shielding was a decoy. He was the whole time at Carol's family's home in Bukit Jalil.

Meanwhile, Andy Lau posted an online message on his fan club's message board Sunday morning, mourning the loss of girlfriend Carol Chu’s father.

Referring to Chu’s father as his “ancestor”, Lau wrote on the Andy World Club site: “Family members must be very worried. I am okay. My biggest wish is for the ancestor to go on his final journey peacefully. Amitabha!”

Although Lau’s online revelation shows his close relations with the Chu family, Lau has not openly admitted his relationship with Chu, 43. This has prompted many netizens to criticise Lau for being unfair and not acknowledging her.
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A couple of photos..

Andy Lau in concert

Carol and Andy in younger days



  1. Anonymous1:33 PM

    Read in it yesterday and today's news. Poor guy..being hounded by the papparazzos.

  2. That's the price of being extremely famous right! =/

  3. Mei Teng, that is life but it is scary. Little wonder that we sometimes read about celebs bashing up paparazzi or photogs in public.

    Tekkaus, yeah lah, occupational hazard..

  4. hmmm, i also wonder why it's a problem for them to admit the relationship, as it's already an open secret.. well, i know it's none of our business, but don't you think they are creating curiosity which kind of make things worse??

  5. finally.....they announced it unofficially

  6. SK, haha... don't let curiosity kill this cat, though all that mystery makes people want to know more, you are right. Good publicity or marketing strategy if you ask me. Oh well, it's their life. All that guessing probably adds more love from his fans.

    Hi Seon, welcome! They did? I just read that he hinted that they will marry within the 100 days after the ancestor's death. Congratulations are long overdue, eh?