Friday, August 7, 2009

Friday Frolics - The Jungle Test

I've been bogged down with work this week, something like getting in the thick of the jungle so I've chosen the Jungle Test for this week's quiz. Take an imaginary walk through the jungle to find out who you are.

You Are Dramatic

You are colorful and charismatic. You get and hold people's attention.

Right now, you are seeking peace and tranquility in your life.

You are drawn to people who are energetic and blissful.

You feel like there are a few minor things in your life that need to be changed.

You find that any decision you have to make needs to be slept on... often for multiple nights.

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  1. I am Intuitive! That's the result of my quiz. Ha :D Anyway have a great weekend. Hopefully everything will be fine for you soon.

  2. Intuitive is good. Happy Sunday, Tekkaus.

    Oh, things will be back to normal soon. Thanks.