Friday, August 21, 2009

Hungry Ghost Festival

The Hungry Ghost Festival is here again. Today marks the first day of the 7th month of the lunar calendar.

It is believed that for one month, starting today, the gates of hell will open letting out inhabitants of the other world where they are free to roam the earth - something like a yearly vacation.

Chinese of Taoist/Buddhist faith will light up incense and candles as well as offer food, clothes, money and other items including houses, cars, high-tech products like VCRs and others. You can read more about this festival in the Hungry Ghost Festival post.

During this month, any significant personal activity will most probably not be scheduled. Engagements and weddings will not happen, so will house-moving and business-launchings. There will normally be more overcast weather and rain in the 7th month where stray ghosts and lost souls share the earth with the living. Swimming activity will also be reduced. People are extra mindful and cautions.

I have not personally encountered anything unearthly (thank goodness) but I do believe in the other world. Tell me what you think of these spooky tales.

Most of you would have heard or know of a haunted place in your town or city. Kuala Lumpur has some favourite haunted spots herself. See if you are familiar with these 10 haunted places in KL as compiled by Klue from suggestions submitted by its readers.

Do you have any ghostly tale to share? Come on, tell..


  1. Yep! It is the month of ghost indeed. :D We'd better take care of ourselves right? My late mum always reminded us to be extra careful during this month. :)

  2. Hungry Ghost Month plus H1N1 - what do you say?

  3. Haha, I have no ghost stories to share. Yet to meet them yet.

    And hope it stays that way. ^_^

  4. Yeah, Tekkaus, take care.

    KS, Hungry Ghost Month plus H1N1 plus the haze? I'd say, we need to be extra careful and take proper precautions. I'm glad it's not a double month.

    Shingo, that is a blessing. I don't think it'd be a pleasant encounter otherwise.

  5. Kandy Lee3:37 PM

    Nice post. Gotta take precautions this month.

    You can read more about Ghosts in Malaysia in this post, Ghosts Still Live Malaysia.

  6. Hi Kandy, thanks. Yeah, this is the month to be extra careful. Thanks for the link and thanks for stopping by. Take care..