Sunday, May 23, 2010

In the Summertime..

With sunshine all year round, it's easy for us to not be aware of the changing seasons in other parts of the world. In the northern hemisphere, for instance, lots of holidaymakers are perhaps all set for their summer vacation at popular holiday destinations all over the world. Malaysia included.

Those with timeshare membership are most likely to have made reservations months ahead. Orlando is a popular holiday destination and an orlando timeshare membership would surely come in handy in securing the desired accommodation. Will you also be part of the holiday exodus?

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  1. hello..greetings from

    Yes,summer is coming, this is the time where people loves to travel most..

  2. Anonymous8:56 AM

    Yes, I will be holidaying next month. Looking forward to my trip.

  3. In the Summertime when the weather is high, You can chase up right and touch the sky..these are the words that came to mind by Mungo Jerry. Da da da da da, da dee da dee da. haha. How nice to go on holiday..tQ

  4. Now we have a mini castle at Sentosa too. Thanks to Genting's Resorts World and Universal Studios Theme Park.

    Incidentally, this theme park is only 10% of the size of the one in Orlando, Florida. So you can imagine the huge difference :p

  5. Hello there, Reanaclaire! Greetings from this side of the world..

    Yes, summer is a happy time. Will you be travelling too?

    Mei Teng, oh wow! You must be all excited about your Hainan Island trip. From what I've seen on tv, Hainan has transformed into a great tourist destination. Have a wonderful time!

  6. Bananaz, strange, I was also thinking of that Mungo Jerry's "In the Summertime" when I typed the title.

    You know what else comes to mind at the mention of Mungo Jerry? You know that bak kut teh downtown? Their yam rice is to die for, wor. Yum!

  7. Hi there, Mockingbird. How cool to have your own Disney theme park even though it's a lot smaller. How many times so far have you been in there or taken your family there? Is it still as crowded as when it first opened? Thanks for taking the time to stop by. :)