Friday, May 21, 2010

The temperature is helping us lose weight?

If the temperature reading on my blog is true, the outside temperature shows that KL is at 95 deg F today. This reading may be considered low in desert conditions but not here in this part of the world. However, of late, such high temperatures have been recorded rather frequently.

Though everyone's complaining about the heat and the resultant sweating, in a way, sweating is good to reduce toxins from the body, as well as weight. Heat does help to suppress appetite too sometimes, thus naturally reducing food intake, therefore leading to not gaining weight. You win some, you lose some, I guess. Now, global warming is another issue..


  1. Really? I thought I eat more during this hot, humid weather. :p

  2. Eh that's not the temp of your lappie haha. tQ.

  3. what is 95F in celcius??

    err, i agree the weather is so hot recently, i've been sweating a lot.. but never find myself loosing any weight?? hahahaha~~ :D

  4. Hot weather is really unpleasant! As for losing weight, I don't think it's very effective, cos people will tend to eat more ..... ice creams! Haha!

  5. Tekkaus, good for you! Perhaps all those basketball games are increasing your metabolic rate?

    Bananaz, lappie temp is all cool.. haha..

  6. SK, I thought I got it wrong. It's 95 deg Fahrenheit. If it were Celsius, we would all be steaming. haha..

    Foong, oh dear! Ice-creams, indeed.