Monday, May 17, 2010

Norbert Rosing - Polar Bear and Husky

It is easy to relax too much and not do any blogging for a while. A while for me would be a number of days at a stretch. It could go on, of course, but guilt would set in.

I have been blog-hopping though and leaving comments here and there and having a good laugh at some of the posts. It just goes to show that the world never sleeps just because someone does. The sun still rises the following day and things still happen around the world - good and bad and it's the good things we want to focus on, don't we?

Friends who continue to forward me emails are among my blessings. Rain or shine, whether I respond or not, the good stuff keeps coming in from far and wide and I thank them. I have no doubt you too have friends like that.

One of the good stuff I want to share today is about a polar bear and a huskie playing together. This set of photographs was taken by Norbett Rosing, a renowned German wildlife photographer.

Norbert Rosing's striking images of a wild polar bear coming upon
tethered sled dogs in the wilds of Canada's Hudson Bay.

It looks like lunch-time for the bear when he wandered in..

but it didn't happen, instead they were engaged in play.

The Polar Bear returned nightly for two weeks, until the ice froze and the bear left to hunt seals.

This is a unique encounter as polar bears and dogs are natural enemies and 99 percent of the bears behave quite aggressively toward dogs. However, according to the US National Institute for Play, playfulness crosses species lines.


  1. Anonymous2:07 PM

    Polar bears are beautiful but dangerous creatures.

  2. come they are so friendly? :p

  3. Cool..ha..ha..was just thinking of my next post about polar bears this morning.

    Life is getting strange nowadays have seen cat & mouse hugging together as well. Are the animals beginning to lose their identity or becoming more religious with full of compassion to love thy enemy and humans taking their places killing each other almost everyday? Hmmm I wonder? tQ.

  4. OMG! Such adorable creatures! Great photography too. Never thought they can have a good time together. Amazing.

  5. I wish I can be a wildlife photographer too, but I'll need very expensive gears >.<

  6. yeah, i guess the same happens to me too.. too lazy to blog, and that continues to drag on, until one day i felt guilty for my blog and post something on it.. :)

  7. Beautiful images. I will definitely share them. Thanks HappySurfer.

    I recently came across this video which also moved me:
    Amazing Gorilla Reunion

    Mei Teng - we humans are rather dangers too, yeah?

  8. Mei Teng, beauty and danger - reflects reality in life sometimes, doesn't it?

    Tekkaus, here's an example of the odd wonder in nature.

  9. Interesting thought process there, Bananaz. It seems like it. Scary, hor?

    Gus, amazing, indeed. You may want to check out Mr Rosing's site for more wonderful photographs on polar bears.

  10. KS, I'm sure you can be if you want to.

    SK, LOL, you're human afterall..

  11. PandaB, you are welcome. Indeed they are beautiful images.

    Thank you for sharing that beautiful and touching video of the gorilla. I had to reach for a tissue..

    In reference to your comment to Mei Teng, food for thought, that one. Shudder at what we can do to each other..

  12. Friendship exist even with the most dangerous animals