Friday, May 21, 2010

Friday Frolics - What Monopoly Piece Are You?

Do you enjoy a game of Monopoly? If you were one of the pieces in this game, which piece do you think you are? Check out this week's quiz, What Monopoly Piece are you?

Here's what it says of me - revelation of sorts, I'd say.

You Are the Car

You live your life in top gear. You aren't afraid to go fast, and you actually do best at high speeds.

You act on instinct, and you make decisions in a split second. Your first reaction is usually right.

You are impulsive and bold. You love to make risky moves, and you never turn down a chance to roll the dice.

You get impatient easily, and you're often waiting on those around you. You hate to be slowed down by anyone!


  1. I am the shoes also. :p

  2. then i wanted to be the car...

  3. Tekkaus. shoes? Is the reading the same as the car?

  4. Kumfye, you can, of course. Thanks for stopping by.