Thursday, May 27, 2010

Do we need Human Growth Hormone (HGH) Supplements?

At my workplace as in any other, there are people who are into direct-selling or rather MLM programmes. Even though such activity is not looked upon favorably by management, it is still going on in the background.

There are batik fabrics from Indonesia, jamu (medicinal and health stuff) from Indonesia, Tupperware and other kitchenware, household items, food supplements, even hgh products.

In case you are not familiar with hgh products, hgh stands for human growth hormone. Did you know that HGH is actually a hormone produced naturally in the brain? This hormone is responsible for growth, and cell production. The body starts to slow it’s production by the age of 30 which causes the first signs of aging. In order to reverse this process many have turned to HGH injections. However those can be costly, and may cost up to $75 a day! Recently there are a few HGH supplements coming out on the market that are more affordable than the injections.


  1. I have taken HGH supplements before but I stopped after that because it was too expensive! I learnt that you can actually activate your body to produce HGH by doing weightlifting.

  2. The lack of HGH product on the cholesterol balance and other internal organs begin to function remarkably.