Saturday, May 22, 2010

Food Pyramid

I was watching a health documentary the other day which covered among others, the importance of exercise and nutrition and how not to overload your body system with excessive intake of fats and sugars. An overload of fats and sugars would ultimately lead to a weight problem and subsequently, health problems.

It was reported that a big percentage of obese people are on some kind of diet pills in the U.S. Some brands were vouched as diet pills that work by those interviewed, mostly ladies.

Lest we forget what's good for us in terms of food groups, here's a fitness tip that might be helpful..


  1. When was the last time I had thought about Food Pyramid? That was year ago. It seems I'm having lack of awareness about food... I should do something about it. :P

  2. I have never had any of this charts. But I try to compensate it by doing as much exercise as possible. :)

  3. good point on the pyramid... am trying to take in food in moderation...

  4. Hi Avatar, yeah, it's always good to go back to roots, sort of a calibration, eh?

    Tekkaus. I think a balance is necessary, i.e., nutrition + exercise. No?

    Lrong, hello! Good to have you visit again. Moderation is wise. I subscribe to it too.