Thursday, May 27, 2010

Government to reduce subsidies?

I remember receiving an SMS a few days ago to participate in some forum or feedback session on the subject of government subsidies.

What do you think? Should our government reduce subsidies to the rakyat (people)? A short news item in the papers today says Reduction of subsidy will result in RM103bil savings

The article from The Star says:

KUALA LUMPUR: Proposed reduction of Government subsidy will result in savings of RM103bil over five years, says Idris Jala.

Subsidy rationalisation laboratory has proposed that fuel price be increased in mid-2010 by 10 to 15 sen, followed by 10 sen increase every six months until it reaches market price.

More to come

When the day comes for more subsidies to be reduced, more items will be priced higher but will salaries be raised to commensurate the extra expenditure? Time to start the austerity drive like changing to smaller cars or perhaps turn to public transport among others? Food for thought, eh?


  1. goverment poor already...

  2. No, I believe it is us who have been too pampered!