Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Do You Play Chess?

If you have been reading my blog for a while now, you would know that I have a friend that enjoys irking me with sexist jokes. Of course, it's all in the spirit of sharing so it's all good and fun.

Today, I received something insightful - non-sexist, both Mars and Venus folk can derive some wisdom from.

Here goes..

Never be proud or depressed for what you are

And what position you hold.....

Always remember one thing.....

After the game of chess is over....

The King and Pawns go in the same Box.

If you dare, forward this to your boss..

Have a lovely evening, y'all.


  1. hmmm, i don't play chess.. but i like the quotes you have it here.. so cool~~ :p

  2. can only forward to the boss when i'm no longer here lah~~ hehehehe :p

  3. It has been like a decade already since secondary school. :)

  4. I don't play chess...

  5. This may be an oldie but just to have a laugh over it again. Saw a sign in a friend's room hanging on the wall which says:

    Rule#1. The Boss is always right
    Rule#2. What if the Boss is wrong? Refer to rule #1.

    You may not survived out of his room as he will throw the chess set at you haha.

  6. This reminds me of a time while flying with SIA and all the sweet ladies were eyes rolling and getting friendly with this macho steward and later on requested for a few chess sets as souvenir. Without a blink of an eye he opened his jacket wide and boldly said "sorry ladies we have run out of chess set but I've got one chess left any takers?" The ladies lagi kan cheong haha ~;) tQ

  7. SK, LOL! I know what you mean about only able to forward to the boss when you're no longer there. I used to play chess online but these days, Sudoku is the preferred game.

    Tekkaus, ahh... the time has passed us by?

  8. Superman, what game(s) do you play then?

    WDS webmaster, you're welcome.

  9. Bananaz, everyone should aspire to be de Boss then, eh? Thanks for sharing that. Funny one too about the SIA chess proposition.

  10. I used to play chess, but I never got to be very good at it. I just never quite got the hang of it. I love that chess set in the pic, though! Love the quote, too, though I doubt corporate execs here in Japan would take kindly to it! :)