Friday, May 14, 2010

How to Prolong the Life-span of Your Laptop

I'm not an expert on technology nor modern gadgets and equipment but if there is one tip I have with regard to laptops, it is this: be extra careful when moving or relocating your laptop because it is a very delicate piece of equipment, the sensitive parts inside, that is.

If you are in a work environment where you have to move from meeting room to meeting room, it would be wise to first switch off the laptop before you go to the next meeting. These delicate machines do succumb to vibrations caused by movement while the unit is still switched on. This piece of advice is from someone in the industry. Now you now..


  1. Yeah! I wish this laptop that I am using can last longer too. :D

  2. Great tip! Most would rather leave it on and move them around as rebooting would take some time. Now we know ~;) tQ.

  3. Tekkaus, if you can have it working beyond a couple of years, it's already a bonus.

    Bananaz, that and perhaps not knowing the fragility of the machine. Also, there is less care taken if the unit is supplied by the company. They can get a new one whenever the existing one breaks down. No?

  4. Thanks for the information HappySurfer. It is always a headache to tackle a laptop. They always suffer from alignment problem. So laptop should be handled carefully. Bye.