Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Samsung phone discount tomorrow

If you are thinking of buying or replacing a handphone, here's some good news..

From The Star..

PETALING JAYA: Those planning to get their hands on a new Samsung Galaxy S3 should take advantage of a one-day-only 10% discount on the smartphone tomorrow.

The offer is limited to one smartphone per customer, and will only be available at 35 Samsung Elite Partner (SEP) brand shops nationwide.

Samsung Malaysia Electronics said that the discount was in celebration of Datuk Lee Chong Wei's inspiring sportsmanship.

Lee won the silver medal at the badminton men's singles at the London Olympics.

Interested customers can visit www.samsung.com/my to locate their nearest SEP brand shop that offers the discount.

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  1. cool, looks like that silver medal still earns the rakyat some perks huh?? I must get Lina to read this and get her smartphone so that she can spam us all the time, hahaha!!

  2. All thanks to Lee Chong Wei. There was also free nasi kandar served by a restaurant in Penang yesterday as well as at its SS2 outlet in Petaling Jaya, Original Penang Kayu Nasi Kandar.