Friday, August 24, 2012

China bridge collapse

Source: The Star

Oh dear! Early this morning, an 8-lane suspension bridge in northeast China, only nine months after it opened, collapsed killing three people (two killed on the spot, a third later), injuring five.

The bridge which is part of an airport expressway in Harbin city, only opened last November after two years of construction that cost 1.9 billion yuan ($300 million) according to China News Service.

A 100-meter (320-foot) section broke off when four heavy trucks drove onto the bridge, plunging them to the ground and crushing them, said a CCTV news reporter at the scene. The bridge was designed to handle up to 9,800 vehicles per hour.

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  1. Every time I read a story like this, I quietly pray that the Three Gorges Dam will be OK ...

  2. scary!! that's such a disaster, but luckiest thing from the mayhem is that no many died.. oooh, i saw the Gorges Dam in Rurousha's comment, please make it safe!!!

  3. not again. So many things happening.

  4. Oh dear scary huh!!!Probably someone might sing Chinese version song of "Harbin bridge is falling down falling down falling down.."

  5. OMG! 8-lane bridge? That's huge!!!

  6. The company which built this bridge will also build the 2nd Penang bridge!