Thursday, August 23, 2012

Cloudy skies over Kuala Lumpur and More..

I'd say this is one moody sky or should I say, there is a lot going on up there. It's like lots of conversations and thoughts jamming together all at the same time. Picture was taken this morning. The weather here has been like this almost everyday for the past week. Certain parts of the Klang Valley have been receiving more rainfall than anticipated, resulting in flash floods occurring.

Parts of the Kuala Lumpur were flooded two days ago including Kampung Kasipillay in Jalan Ipoh. A day before that, Klang, located southwest of the city, was hit by floods.

On a more severe level elsewhere, I just read that California Governor, Jerry Brown, has declared a state of emergency in three Northern California counties on Wednesday after a wildfire that has already destroyed 50 buildings advanced with 75-foot flames on a tiny community at the doorstep of a national park.

And in Haiti, Tropical Storm Isaac strengthened over the Caribbean on Wednesday, threatening to slam into impoverished Haiti - still reeling from a devastating 2010 earthquake - and Cuba, US forecasters said.

In China in the Three Gorges Dam area, the threat of landslides along the dam's banks are forcing tens of thousands to move again. China relocated 1.3 million people during the 17 years it took to complete the Three Gorges dam. The $59-billion project was just finished last month.

The sun is still not shining this part of the world but at least we are thankful that we don't have to battle fires nor prepare for storms bashing our shores nor move people by the thousands to safer grounds. My thoughts and prayers go out to everyone out there battling one catastrophe or another.

Source of the bottom three images: The Star


  1. That sky is scowling. Take care!

    PS: We'll never be able to control Mother Nature. Who seems to be having either PMT or menopausal hot flushes these days. Not sure which one.

  2. LOL! Scowling is the word. At least the rain has been drenching down on those peatfires in the forests. The haze is gone for now.

    We don't call her Mother (Nature) for nothing..

  3. yeah, have been cloudy recently and quite hazy at some parts of the place.. and most probably raining during about late afternoon.. oh, now we may also talk about Malaysian weather huh?? haha~~

  4. Now afternoon always suddenly heavy rain. :(