Friday, August 20, 2010

Friday Frolics - Are You Easily Disgusted

Aah, here's an interesting Friday Frolics personality quiz that is somewhat thought-provoking in that it puts forth some situations you would probably never experience in your life. Check it out and see whether you are easily disgusted..

Happy Friday!

HappySurfer is Disgusted Sometimes

You have a fairly thick skin. Something has to be truly revolting before it grosses you out.

You probably weren't always this way, but you've learned how to toughen up. Good for you!

It's fine to be disgusted by totally disgusting stuff. And you know better than to gross anyone out yourself.

Given enough time, you can get used to the most nauseating of situations. You can develop an iron stomach.


  1. Hahaha, nice one dude :)

  2. Same as yours. :D

  3. It is damn sure that I would like to escape such a situation in my life. It would be a hectic job to withstand such a disgusting thing. A real thought-provoking idea. Take care.

  4. Hahahah.. if this were to be Facebook, will be clicking on the "Like" button. :D

  5. Sama sama like you ~ "You Are Disgusted Sometimes"..tQ

  6. errrr, i think not very true leh~~ i even find snakes disguting!! :p

    You Are Not Easily Disgusted

    Wow, nothing ever grosses you out. Have you considered becoming a doctor? You find humans fascinating, and you're way too curious to let yourself feel revolted by anything.

    You tend to gravitate toward the more eccentric side of life, even if you're fairly straight laced yourself. It's likely that you occasionally gross other people out with your stories. You forget how queasy the general population is!

  7. Hi Thristan, welcome!

    T, :)

  8. Afriqiyah, no disgusting stuff for you, eh?

    Hi Evelyn Lee, thank you, and welcome!

  9. Bananaz, right! "You are Disgusted Sometimes," LOL!

    SK, not very true for you? Nevermind. These things are just for fun. LOL!

  10. Evelyn, for some reason I'm not able to leave a comment on your blog. You may want to take a look. Thanks.

  11. Ya its fine to be disgusted by totally disgusting stuffs and infact I would rather escape such a situation in life...

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