Sunday, August 8, 2010

Gay travel hotspots

Are you looking for gay hotspot holiday destinations for some vacation time? Here's a site you'd want to check out. has information on the ins and outs of a number of cities in the United States, and the list is growing. You can get information on airports, taxi services, transportation, (even parking do's and don'ts), gay-friendly hotels, shopping, city's attractions, restaurants and coffee shops, friendly gay bars to hang out for drinks and lots more.

What you read here are real-life experiences so you can get invaluable tips and useful information to enhance your vacation experience.

Almost everyone who visits the US either visits the Las Vegas area on the west coast and New York City on the east. The information on will come in handy to help you make reservations at the right places to stay, eat, visit or basically hang out. Believe me, it pays to be well-informed and well-prepared to ensure a super, hassle-free well-deserved vacation.


  1. Gay is for the good gay? Or the confused gay? :p

  2. I am sure this site is handy for all the gays out there! : )

  3. The Angkor Friendship Inn where I stayed in Siem Reap is reputed to be gay friendly : )

  4. Hey T, do I detect a tinge of sarcasm? tsk tsk!

    Foong, this site sure is handy not only for gays but for all. And did you feel out of place at the Angkor Friendship Inn? I'm sure not. Hope you enjoyed your Cambodia trip.