Thursday, August 12, 2010

Malaysia Mega Sale Carnival is back!

Yesterday was the start of Ramadhan, the month of fasting for Muslim folks around the world. This month this year, a number of events are also happening here in Malaysia. For shoppers, it's the return of the annual Malaysia Mega Sale Carnival.

This hugely popular Mega Sale event this year starts from 24 July to 16 September signifying a six-week long shopping window of great bargains and discounts. This year, it's timely too for Muslim folks celebrating Hari Raya where it's customary to have new clothes, new curtains, new coat of paint for the house, etc.

Starting Aug 10 for the next fifteen days, Buddhists/Taoists of Chinese descent celebrate what is known as the Month of the Hungry Ghosts or what is commonly-referred to as Por Thor where it is believed that the gates of Hades opens to let out spirits. This is the period once a year that these spirits are free to roam the earth, sort of like a spirit vacation. This is the time of year in which you see tents being set up for singing performances by scantily-dressed female singers. However, this year, we'll get to see Chinese opera instead as the organizers have been encouraged to have more 'decent' shows citing that the Emperor of Hades did not request for performances with scantily-clad performers.

Anyway, I'm looking forward to doing some shopping myself and plan to hit some sneaker stores for a good pair of running shoes. Happy shopping y'all..

Image source: Tourismmalaysia


  1. yeah, the mega sales, but then i guess there are too many sales (big and small) all year round recently, so didn't have much anticipation to the mega sales anymore..

    oh really?? they go back to perform authentic chinese opera instead of those kinkily-dressed karaoke performance?? that's good i think..

  2. save money now lol,, enough time or not,,, wonder.

    hey take care now got to go for lunch already

  3. Anonymous1:35 PM

    Oh yes...the sales have begun. With the current subsidy cut, people should be minimizing unnecessary spending.

  4. Oh good! Time for some serious shopping! : )

  5. The mega sale carnival of Malaysia is all set to grab customers from different community. So the sellers are offering heavy discount to the customers. It is also a good chance for you to buy a pair of new shoes. Enjoy shopping. Bye.

  6. I love these sale because of all the promos the malls are offering. Get freebies after shopping. Nice. :)

  7. I wonder if they really will give lots of discounts. :D

  8. SK, I believe this mega sale offers much better discounts and store-wide too.

    I too look forward to the opera and might go see it but I think it won't be happening this year because it takes some planning getting the troupes over from China considering the dwindling interest and talent locally. I used to have a cousin who is in the opera business. Glad this art-form is being reintroduced into our local culture. Local spirits might be in for a treat again. hehe..

    Eugene, yeah, good to spend wisely. Thanks for the reminder. Trust you had a great lunch..

  9. Mei Teng, right, the key is to spend wisely to stretch that hard-earned dollar.

    Foong, happy shopping! I'd say it's a great opportunity to stock up for the Chinese New Year, eh?

  10. Afriqiyah, thanks. Hope to get a good pair with a good price.

    This time of the year, we see a lot of tourists esp from the Middle-east, so this mega sale does present an enhanced shopping experience for visitors. Have you been to Malaysia? You must pay us a visit to experience our beautiful country.

    Lina, I know. I feel the excitement already. LOL! Happy shopping!

  11. Tekkaus, they usually do, from my experience. I bought many pairs of shoes at the last mega sale. :p