Monday, August 2, 2010

Golf course signs can help you Improve your Game

The other day, driving along the highway heading to Kota Damansara, we (a friend and I) were looking out for the signage for DUKE exit. It was nowhere to be found until very close to the exit itself. We had to quickly signal our turning left when we spotted it just in time. If we had missed that exit, we would have to go very much further in order to turn back.
This is just a clear example of how important signages are for people in need. Even in sports, like golf, signage plays a big part and to a certain extent, it can make or break your game. Golf is a game that's played out in a field. Rules of the game and proper golf course signs enable the game to be played correctly and with much enjoyment. A signage as simple as a "Bag Drop" can ensure orderliness and a hassle-free after-game experience.

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  1. Hahaha :D really? This can help?

  2. Golf course signs do serve a purpose. Golfers see value in them.