Saturday, August 28, 2010

Walden University offers online programs

Are you having doubts of signing up for a university education because it would involve you leaving your home and/or family? Nowadays, joining a university program need not be done at a brick-and-mortar institution of higher learning. With university programs available online, earning a degree is a lot more possible and with less obstacles.

Walden University
is one such institution of higher learning that offers online certificate and degree programs in a wide selection of disciplines including Communication, Counseling and Social Services, Education, Information Systems and Technology, Nursing,
Psychology and more.

Education ensures a better future and signing up to further one's education is a step in the right direction. Online programs play a major role in enabling more people to improve on their academic qualifications. Want to know what's happening around the world in terms of education and higher learning? The Chronicle is a fantastic source of news and updates on everything related to the topic of education.

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