Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Malaysia celebrates 53 years of independence

Today, Malaysia celebrates her 53rd Independence Day or known as Merdeka Day locally.

Am watching on TV3 live telecast of the parade at Bukit Jalil stadium.

Happy Merdeka Day!


  1. Yeah! Merdeka to all of us. :D

  2. Anonymous4:10 PM

    Happy Merdeka! :) This year's celebration is very quiet.

  3. hmmm, i have not been watching the telecast for many many years.. and this year seems a bit quiet yeah?? maybe because of fasting month??

  4. T, hope Jordan enjoyed his first Merdeka Day. LOL!

    Mei Teng, I agree and a lot less flags too.

    SK, quiet, low key and low budget too, I suppose.

    Hope you all enjoyed your holiday too.

  5. Ok a little late here, but atill Happy Merdeka!! : D

  6. It is a long time since Independence and Malaysia made huge advancement in this time period. Malaysia have utilized this 53 years in a very tactical way.