Saturday, August 7, 2010

TV Progamming packages

Looking up at all the satellite dishes atop the roofs yesterday brought to mind our discussion over lunch the other day. Almost everyone had something to say about the current Hongkong TVB drama series on Channel 311, Wah Lai Toi channel.

This Cantonese channel with programs primarily from Hongkong's TVB on Astro is among the DIRECTV packages we all subscribe to, so that was quite an animated exchange. My current favorite is the contemporary drama at 9pm, Off Pedder. It tells of the goings-on inside a magazine-publishing company located on Pedder Street in Hongkong - the office politics, the wheeling and dealings, the personal conflicts, and so forth.

However, all of us agreed that we need more, maybe at least another company to provide competition for Astro as well as providing subscribers with more choices of dish packages and at better pricing.

Besides direct tv, cable tv may be an additional option. Cable packages are comparable if not better than directv packages. The choices on cable packages are just as good from what I saw online.

Image source: Astro


  1. Yeah! Astro is monopolizing our TV! :D

  2. well the sad news is that they are monopoly of the industry.. and there is no laws to govern them..

    and don't you think it's very fishy to have to top up additional for on-demand when you are paying subscription every month?? and there are more advertisements than the tv programme itself??

    and then Astro is revising their package every year, to force you to pay more for more channels.. but hey, we don't need that much channels all bundled together right??

  3. This is a good piece of post to go through. It is often a tedious job to choose the right cable TV package that will satisfy the need of all the family members. Thanks for highlighting the topic. Bye.

  4. Tekkaus, true, we need more choices.

    SK, that's why I don't subscribe to On Demand afterall they'll come on regular channel in a year or so's time. I'm in no rush to view the latest. Having commercials is mind-boggling on paid tv!

  5. Hi Vegas, thanks and you're welcome. True that choosing the right family package can be tedious though satisfying to see everyone happy.