Thursday, August 5, 2010

No longer frumpy Medical Scrubs

Medical scrubs and medical uniforms needn't have to look boring and frumpy. Blue Sky Scrubs makes the finest and most fashionable medical apparel including nursing scrubs, medical scrubs, hospital uniforms and scrub hats.

Ceil blue was the only color available when they first started out but now their medical scrubs come in a variety of 15 solid colors - from khaki scrubs to black scrubs, and the classical surgical green scrubs, pink, chocolate, lilac, and navy scrubs, to name just a few. Plus, medical scrub tops for ladies now come tapered giving that better-looking slim and feminine look. Scrub bottoms come with two back-pockets.

Blue Sky Scrubs has changed the way women look in the operating room with their innovative scrub cap designs and unique fabric selections.

The hottest accessory on the market today is their patented Pony scrub hat. This unique design features a special ribbon-tied pouch in the back designed to accommodate ponytails of any length. The also patented Pixie scrub hat is popular with people with short hair. The bouffant or Poppy scrub hat is another in their scrub hats collection. No matter which scrub hat you select, you can be sure that these scrub hats are made from the highest quality cotton fabrics and they are offered in 700 fabric choices.

Blue Sky Scrubs are only available online on their website, Shipping is free for order above $155 and in continental US.


  1. Scrubs are the most important thing for the medical professionals. A good quality scrub offers maximum comfort. So it is well important to buy a scrub from a reputed store. Thanks for making us aware of this fact. Bye.

  2. agree with you instantdocs. scrubs for nurses are very important. i have bought some black scrubs just a month ago from a reputable store and i find it very neat with its stitches at the textile are good quality.

  3. Hi, where can I buy this? In dire need of scrubs... :(

  4. So good to know about most fashionable medical apparel including nursing scrubs! I am also in need of new scrubs and loved this collection of womens labs coats from figs. Just made an order of two pairs and eagerly waiting for delivery.

  5. Its also a different idea to have fashionable
    medical scrubs Medical professional must love this idea. Scrubs are must for their safety. It will protect them from the Infectious liquids and other microorganisms.