Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Get your tickets from Ticket America

Want tickets for major events but don't know where to get them?

TicketAmerica is a licensed ticket broker that has the largest selection of top quality event tickets, at the most competitive prices available. TicketAmerica.com is where you can get tickets for the Superbowl, World Series Tickets, the Final Four, concerts, theatre shows, musicals, ballet and dance shows, awards ceremonies and more.

Did you know that at Fenway Park where the Red Sox play, the field boxes are the best seats in the house? According to Gary Ketchum, CEO of TicketAmerica.com and who travels extensively to attend various concerts, sports, and theatre events, the Red Sox dugout sits in front of sections 22-28. The visitors dugout sits in front of sections 61-68. These seats are the most expensive but if you want to see the color of the players eyes, then these seats are it.

Are you planning to attend a Chicago Cubs game anytime soon? At Wrigley Field, just about any seat is a good one according to Gary. Compared to many Major League ballparks, Wrigley Field is one of the smallest which makes it's upper deck section not so bad and prices for these seats are usually the cheapest, especially if you choose to sit in the far corners.

The next time you go to New York and want to watch the New York Knicks play at Madison Square Garden or in Los Angeles and want to catch an LA Lakers game at Staples Center, you know where to get tickets. Yeah, at TicketAmerica.com where they provide unparalleled 100% money back guarantee if Ticket America or its sales staff are at fault. They also have a 24-hour hotline for any and all customer service issues. TicketAmerica is all about entertainment!


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