Sunday, August 15, 2010

Glass tiles for my bathroom

Looking for new tiles to spruce up your bathroom or kitchen? Nowadays, glass tiles are gaining in popularity over ceramic tiles. Why not visit for their wide selection of glass tiles? Their glass tile collection features gorgeous tiles for bathroom wall, kitchen backsplash, and swimming pool that are of high quality and affordable.

Glass bathroom tiles are not only great looking, they are durable and are not liquid-breachable and as such are ideal for places that get wet often including the kitchen backsplash, the bathroom, needless to say, the swimming pool. Glass tiles are easy to maintain. Cleaning them just requires a wet cloth. The colors remain as fresh as ever due to the paintwork being done on the underside. also has a wide selection of other tiles, including marble mosaics, metal tiles, pearl shell times, subway tiles and many others.

Why should you shop with GlassTileStore? For one thing, they have wide choices of quality tiles. They guarantee the best prices, and to add to your savings, they provide free shipping on every order. Check out their Clearance sale for great discounts or get coupons on your purchase. You can also call them, toll-free.


  1. The tiles will definitely perk up any bathroom/kitchen.

  2. Lina, they certainly do. I like glass tiles for their easy maintenance and iridescent colors.