Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Blue Skies over Kuala Lumpur

Kuala Lumpur hasn't had such beautiful weather for a while now so it was a welcome sight this morning to see distinct white lacy clouds against the bluest of skies. I managed to capture some of that cirrus clouds before they spread out and dissipate into the atmosphere.

Hope your day will be as lovely and as carefree..


  1. Nice!

    Here in Singapore, it rains every one or two days.

    Wanna buy sunny days here.

  2. Anonymous12:47 PM

    I noticed blue skies in the early morning today....which isn't the norm in M'sia. But weather has been terribly hot too. Blue skies always equals hot weather.

  3. Not that that I don't appreciatethe blue skies, but the weather has been too hot nowadays.

  4. Shingo, still raining in Singapore? Was told Orchard Road was flooded again some two/three weeks back.

    Right, if only sunny days are for sale like a pair of flip-flops. LOL!

    Mei Teng, blue skies and all things nice, except that hot weather is not so nice, eh? Hope you're keeping yourself cool.

  5. Lina, I know what you mean. Some heavy rainfall will be good to balance out the heat but not to worry, there'll be more rain around Aug 10 and after as that'll be the start of the seventh lunar month - the ghost month. This time of year is normally rainy and drab. Let's hope global warming has not changed the weather pattern.

  6. errr, nice weather?? but just now i felt so hot walking out for lunch, and i almost wanted to quit and just get my colleagues to tabao for me.. hahaha!!

    nice photos of the sky btw, you took them??

  7. SK, "Nice" means different things to different people, doesn't it? No matter, when the sun shines, it's nice to me.

    Yep, I took those pictures. Glad you like them. Thanks. When I first saw the clouds, I had to reach for the camera. Doesn't the first image look like a sea of icebergs too?

  8. Hey! the pictures are beautiful. Often we see the blue sky with patchy clouds after the rain or with the offset of monsoon. Enjoy you time amidst the beauty of nature. Bye.