Monday, August 9, 2010

Work from home opportunities

If you are planning to Work from Home and are looking for home based business opportunities or information on getting started, here's a site for you. is a website that caters to entrepreneurs looking for home based business opportunities. A wide variety of home based and work from home industries are available on the site.

Their Home Based Business Directory lists home businesses and work-from-home for sale opportunities by alphabetical order. You'll be surprised to note that there are many businesses available at very low start-up cost. If you need more information, you can request business info direct from the companies.

Home Business Bug offers FREE advertisement to business owners who have a work from home or home based business opportunity. If you have a home based business or work from home opportunity, you can have it listed or advertise with HomeBusinessBug for free.

HomeBusinessBug's goal is to become a comprehensive directory where individuals can find legit home business concepts. They are also building a resource center with a wide range of Work from Home Articles and news to keep entrepreneurs updated and informed. Here's an example of the kind of articles available: What is the difference between a licensee, distributorship, and a franchisee?" to help people understand basic home based business concepts.

Do bookmark this site. It may come in handy.


  1. Thank you for the informations,, ya

  2. Bookmarked. Thanks, HappySurfer!

  3. hmmm, i still it's ok to work from home occassionally but not long term.. cos there could be too many distractions at home, and you tend to be more relaxed.. so can't really be efficient.. :)

  4. Nowadays most of the people are on to home based part time job to earn some extra money. But some of them are cheated by the fraud sites. So it is important to invest money in a good and reputed business agency. Thanks for the link. Bye.

  5. Eugene, Shingo, you're welcome. Hope you find it useful.

    SK, true in a way. However, there are pros that outweigh the cons for people opting to operate from home. For example, SAHM (stay-at-home-moms) will have a chance to go into business or do something financially-rewarding while staying at home taking care of the family. Working from home can also help reduce expenses not having to pay rent for an office.

  6. Maidstone, you're welcome and thanks for stopping by. Indeed, one needs to be extra careful so as not to be cheated. Thanks for the heads-up.