Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Discount coupons and vouchers

McDonald's is one fastfood company that is doing a good job of promoting their products. Just the other day, I found their new flyer in my morning papers. They are promoting their Double GCB this time around. Not sure what the "G" stand for but the "CB" is for Chicken Burger. The flyer also carries coupons for a set of free 20-pc Chicken McNuggets with a conditional purchase, of course. Still, it's a good offer considering..

Anyway, the point is, retailers here need to increase promotion of their business/products. I'm thinking in terms of issuing discount coupons to attract shoppers, something like the sears coupons they give away in the US. Right. We need Carrefour coupons, Tesco coupons, IKEA coupons, etc., etc. I wish?


  1. I think its a good initiative on part of McDonalds to promote their food items. I guess the 'G' in 'GCB' might stand for 'Great'.

  2. Nowadays most of the companies are offering different types of discount and free stuffs to attract customer. We, the customers, are taking good advantages out of their competition. I have also heard about this offer by McDonald. Bye.

  3. You may be right, Suzanne. The Great Chicken Burger sounds good.

    Instantdocs, yep, all good for the consumer. :)