Monday, March 15, 2010

A Garden in Your Kitchen

Gardening is no longer confined to just people who have a yard.  It can be done by apartment-dwellers as well with commercial planters like the ones in the picture.  You can even cultivate crops such as tomatoes, herbs, chillies and others in your very own kitchen or balcony.

Of course, you can get one of those large commercial planters if you want a bigger vegetable patch. There are rectangular ones that fit nicely just outside the window.

Outdoor commercial planters are becoming popular in public places such as in office buildings. Hotels use them to their great advantage. These planters come in different shapes, sizes and designs to add to the variety as well as to meet every need.  Maintenance work is also a lot easier tending to plants in planters.

If you intend to try gardening, you would be wise to start with a commercial planter. That way, if you decide to give up, it's a lot hassle-free.


  1. i think i can't do that, because even that little cactus bonsai i used to have, ended its life under my care after a week i brought it back from cameron highlands!! waaaahahahaha :D

  2. Sad. Even the poor cactus gave up on you! I think some plants are not suited to lowland hot weather and your plant could be one of those, so don't blame yourself, SK.

    No, wait. Maybe you forgot to sing to it or even talk to it. I read that plants respond to attention and caring. Eh?