Friday, March 26, 2010

Luggage on the Web

Did you know that some brands of luggage provide lifetime warranty? The Boyt Edge Lite luggage collection has a limited lifetime warranty. Even airline damage is covered by the Boyt lifetime warranty on the Mach 5 Lite collection of luggage.

The next time you are planning to buy luggage, you may want to go for the Delsey Contour EZ Glide luggage. This new line of luggage has four multi-directional wheels which makes for easy maneuvering through busy traffic at crowded airports, train and bus stations.. These wheels allow you to wheel the luggage right next to you, or behind you or in front of you. Cool, eh?

By the way, you may want to check out Hartmann Luggage. Both the Hartmann Intensity and Metropolitan collections have durable, rich belting leather trim and, get this, they enjoy the Absolute Assurance Guarantee from Hartmann luggage which covers any and all damages - even caused by airlines or cruise lines. Repairs are carried out directly by Hartmann under this guarantee at no charge to the consumer on purchases made after February 1, 2010. Should your luggage become lost, both Hartmann collections also enjoy the global recovery system to assist you in locating your luggage.

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