Sunday, March 14, 2010

A Golf vacation at Horizon at 77th

With the current hot and dry spell hitting us, a getaway to a cooler climate would be just the thing to do. If I were to choose a vacation in the US, it would have to be along Myrtle Beach, of course.

I could easily get a Myrtle Beach hotel online as Myrtle Beach accommodations are plentiful. One of the better ones is the Horizon at 77th with its 143 suites of 1-, 2- and 3- bedroom types, each with their very own private balcony and a stunning view of the ocean and the surroundings. How cool is that!

If I were to play golf, there are 80 golf courses to choose from. In between, I could take it easy and enjoy some swimming at their indoor or outdoor pools or partake in one of their water recreation activities. If you plan on taking a Myrtle Beach vacation, you may want to check out their seasonal specials. But no matter what season of the year, you would still be assured of a superb Myrtle Beach accommodation at the Horizon at 77th!

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