Wednesday, March 10, 2010

A Mailbox completes the look

There is no denying that every home needs a mailbox. Even in this hi-tech Internet age, we still do receive mail that comes in paper form. Even though we don't place much importance to the type of house mailboxes, the mailbox that we choose will need to be sturdy and weatherproof with little or no required maintenance.

There are many types of mailboxes available in the market. One of the popular mailboxes are wall mount mailboxes. Wall mounted mailboxes are usually located next to the front door of a home or business. There is a wide selection of wall mounted mailboxes to choose from - in many designs, colors and finishes. No matter what wall mount mailbox you choose, it is just the thing you need to give your home a completed look.


  1. This looks like a nice steady mailbox. The maple emboss makes it more like a Canadian's mailbox :o)

    There are many very artistic mailboxes out there. It would be fun to collect photos of them.

  2. hmmm, we don't have fancy mailbox at home.. what we have is those pigeonhole kind of mailbox, already in the pillar of the main gate.. :p

  3. I thing in Malaysia....this surely will kena steal. :p