Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Paradiso Insurance Agency in Connecticut

As far as possible, I try to support local enterprise or do business with people I know. I do my shopping around where I live, for instance, or buy insurance from someone I know personally.

Talking about insurance, if you are in the Connecticut area and are looking to buy insurance, you may want to check out Paradiso Insurance Agency. They have a wide range of insurance products to meet every unique need and budget and they will tailor a policy to meet your requirements that will help you feel protected. Paradiso has been in the business for more than eleven years.

If you would like to check them out online first, Paradiso Insurance Agency is easy to locate on the Internet. Googling any one of these terms, Homeowners Insurance Somers, CT; Life Insurance Somers, CT; Life Insurance Tolland, CT; will take you straight to Paradiso. You won't miss it as the company is ranked top.

If you would like to see them personally, their office is at 8 East Main Street, in Stafford Springs, Connecticut.

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  1. yeah, i would think it's better to get someone you know to buy insurance.. the services rendered especially when you are lodging a claim is of utmost importance.. must make sure you agent is a responsible one..