Monday, March 1, 2010

2010 Vancouver Winter Olympics - Closing Ceremony

We have come to a close to yet another international sporting event, the 2010 Winter Olympics, held in Vancouver, Canada.

Just as I'm writing this, the closing ceremony would have just finished or about to end being scheduled to begin at 8:30 Eastern at the downtown Vancouver arena, B.C. Place.

Performers used snowboards creatively during the closing ceremony.

The New York Times had reporters there to provide live updates throughout the ceremony. Readers were invited to join the conversation in the comments box of the article, Live Updates From Closing Ceremony. I don't think we got to see the live telecast of the colourful ceremony but if you are interested to know more about it, the article has some good details. I wonder if we'll ever get to watch a recorded version here.

The Vancouver Winter Olympics has been claimed to be the best Winter Olympics ever. Kudos to the Organizing committee.

More pictures from the NY Times.. Click to enlarge image

Source: NY Times


  1. I like the dancing with the snowboards :) Didn't watch the games though. Prefer summer olympics.

  2. Thanks for the info, indeed another great Winter Olympics.

  3. Mei Teng, I only caught snippets of the games from CNN. I suppose our interest level is related to our familiarity with the sports in the Summer Olympics.

    CheaHSan, you're welcome.

  4. Agree with Mei. Summer Olympics is way "cooler" :D