Sunday, March 28, 2010

Amber Chia gets married in Bali

Malaysian supermodel, Amber Chia, got married on the exotic resort island of Bali last Thursday.

No, he is not the married businessman that she was once maliciously accused of dating. Or the old banker Tan Sri that she was rumoured to be seeing.

The 28-year-old hot lass said "I do" to her long-time friend-turned-boyfriend according to The Daily Chilli.

Among Amber's celebrity friends who flew in to Bali to witness the super private romantic beach wedding were TV personality Daphne Iking, violinist Dennis Lau and catwalk guru, Benjamin Toong.

The East-meet-West ceremony was also witnessed by close family members from both sides, who were flown to the mystical Indonesian island on an all-expenses paid trip by the generous couple.

It is believed that Amber's angelic white and sweet pink wedding gowns are the creations of top designer friends, Alvin Tay and Keith Kee.

The happy couple will be off to an overseas honeymoon. No location disclosed.

Source: The Daily Chilli


  1. Congrates to her. :D

  2. Bali, like Las Vegas, is a popular place to tie the knot...

  3. Indeed. Congratulations, Amber Chia, and best wishes.

    KS, I suppose, but for Malaysian celebs who don't want too much attention, any place away from Malaysian shores is a good place to tie the knot. Come to think of it, our very own Pangkor Laut Resort would also provide some privacy and romantic setting.

  4. I give it 2 to 4 years.

  5. Guess the moon in Bali is more rounder than Pangkor Laut Resort..haha. tQ

  6. Foongpc could be there as well.P

  7. PandaB, oh dear! I hope not afterall it's her manager,
    Adrian Wong
    , she's marrying. He's local.

  8. Bananaz, LOL! The moon is rounder in Bali..

    Yeah, Foong could be on the guestlist. Now you're talking..

    So, Foong, were you in Bali for the wedding? Come on, the truth, please. :p

  9. Yes, I was at her wedding. I met with Daphne Iking, Dennis Lau and a host of other famous personalities. And I took lots of pics of Amber and Adrian but they would sue me if I release the pictures on my blog or anywhere online or in the print media.

    Well, there you have it! I have finally confessed! Wait, isn't it too early for April Fool's Day? It's tomorrow right? Hahaha!!

  10. Anonymous2:41 PM

    honestly i dont know why she chose this villa of all places to get married (aside from supporting local brand). There are hundreds of better private villa in Bali..and all i could think of is that "its sponsored"..she's known for that