Friday, March 5, 2010

Podmaska Insurance Agency

Here is a question most of us would ask before buying life insurance. How much life insurance should an individual own?

According to Podmaska Insurance, the answer is:

Rule of thumb suggests an amount of life insurance equal to 6-8 times annual earnings. However, many factors should be taken into account when determining the right amount of life insurance for you and your family.

Podmaska Insurance is an insurance agency in the Providence, Rhode Island area. If I were living there and need to buy insurance, whether it's home insurance, auto insurance, or life insurance, Podmaska Insurance would be the agency I would go to.

Why? It is because of their company mission "to carefully guide you through the entire process of choosing just the right insurance product so that you feel confident as you make choices about the many options available."

I have confidence their dedicated team will be there ready to assist every step of the way. If you are in the Providence, Rhode Island area, why not choose to do business with Podmaska Insurance, a firm composed of dedicated insurance professionals who offer a wider vision to insurance solutions.

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