Saturday, March 27, 2010

A Cigar for a Baby Boy

Stumbling around online the other day, I came across a site that sells Avo cigars.

Did you know that cigars come in many sizes? The smallest in size, known as little or small cigars, are about the size of a cigarette. Slightly larger cigars are called cigarillos. Large cigars may contain more than a half an ounce of tobacco. This is as much tobacco as a whole pack of cigarettes and it can take from 1 to 2 hours to smoke a large cigar.

I wonder what's behind the idea of distributing cigars when a baby boy is born, or is it that obvious?

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  1. Not a very healthy tradition, eh? Actually, people give out cigars for boys and girls both.

    It started because in the old days, men would wait outside while a baby was born and having nothing to do, they would often smoke a cigar. Offering cigars to other men turned into a tradition.

    Happily for me, I don't smoke, and was in the delivery room when each of my daughters was born - that certainly wasn't boring!