Saturday, March 6, 2010

Healthcare Jobs Available

In The Star paper today, there is an article that says "Singaporean white collar professionals are going though a rough patch in a changing world economy, having to compete for scarce jobs with a mass influx of ‘cheap foreigners’."

This is hardly surprising with two million foreigners in the city-state and most are willing to take the job for lesser salary.

Unemployed graduates are driving taxis for a living in Singapore though whatever job it is, if it puts food on the table, it's worth doing.

Whatever it is, certain jobs are not easy to fill, such as healthcare jobs where relevant qualifications are needed. Here in Malaysia, I read that there is a shortage of medical staff resulting in doctors in general hospitals working extra long hours in most cases.


  1. I wanted to apply for healthcare jobs before this. But I the end...I am better suited for this job. :p

  2. Tekkaus, good for you to know what best suits you.