Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Need an Armor?

There are things in life that we have no need for but it is still good to know where we can find it if we do need it. Take armor, for instance. I know, this is a way out example but at least if you need a suit for whatever reason (battle reenactments, or for a play, decoration, etc..), you will know where you can buy one by the time you finish reading this.

ArmorVenue.com is where you can find handcrafted, high quality, and affordable knight's armor and accessories. They have medieval armor, including gauntlets, shields, and helmets; Viking accoutrements such as swords, helmets, and shields; Greek armor and weapons; and Roman helmets, pila, and accessories. You can also find Samurai armor and accessories.

Check out the site. You will be amazed at the wide selection available - knight's armor, helmet, swords, even soldier's shoes and tunics, belts, and more.


  1. Anonymous11:57 AM

    Haha...no need for one :)

  2. Perhaps yes if we are going to the battlefield. :D

  3. Let's prepare for peace instead.